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Weekly Schedule - Normal Weekly Schedule


Our Weekly Schedule 





Deacons of the Week:

Sunday, April 12-18

Laura Purdom and Frank Brown


Monday, April 13

  1:00 pm  Ministers Meeting

  2:00 pm  Staff Meeting

  3:00 pm  Stephen Ministers Meeting

  7:00 pm  Boy Scouts


Tuesday, April 14 

  9:00 am  Children's Day Out

10:00 am  Tuesday's Neighbors

10:30 am  Seniors to Carvers Orchard

  7:00 pm  Zumba, Yoga, Room 218

Wednesday, April 15

  9:30 am  Community Bible Study - Room 301

  5:00 pm  Fellowship Supper 

  5:00 pm  Youth Handbells

  5:00 pm  Preschool/Children's Choir

  6:00 pm  Steele Ringers

  6:00 pm  Youth XChange

  6:10 pm  Preschool/Children's Missions

  6:10 pm  Supporting Parents of Children - Room 104

  6:10 pm  Prayer Meeting - Fellowship Hall

  7:00 pm  Chancel Choir 


Thursday, April 16

  8:00 am  Senior Adult Men's Breakfast at Lisa's

  9:00 am  Children's Day Out

  7:00 pm  Zumba/Yoga/Youth Room 


Friday, April 17

  6:00 pm  College Ministry to Smokies Game 

                   Leave from church


Saturday, April 18

  4:00 pm  John Mark Brown Ordination Council

  7:00 am   Korean Prayer Meeting/Room 214

10:00 am   Youth Garden Project - Samaritan House

  6:30 pm   Korean Bible Study/Room 214


Sunday, April 19              TOGETHERNESS SUNDAY 

   9:30 am  Sunday Bible Study

 10:45 am  "Ordination of John-Mark Brown" 

   5:30 pm  Celebration Singers

   6:00 pm  Hatha Yoga Class 

   7:30 pm  Senior (High) at the Hashas' Home


Deacons of the Week:
Sunday, April 19-25
Cathy Brown and Sylvia Blanc

Our On-Line Donation Services have been temporarily

discontinued as we begin work on rebuilding our website.

For the time being, please make your contributions by cash or check.

Thank you for your patience.





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