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Our Weekly Schedule 


 Deacons of the Week

 Ronda Blevins and Diane Grantham


 WEEK OF April 21-27


 Monday, April 21
 1:00 pm  Ministers Meeting 
 3:30 pm  Children's Handbells
7:00 pm  Boy Scout Mtg, Fellowship Hall

Tuesday, April 22
  9:00 am  Children's Day Out
  9:30 am  CN Chapel
  9:30 am  Media Center Open, closes at 11:30 a.m.
10:00 am  Tuesday's Neighbors

Wednesday, April 23
 4:00 pm  VBC Leadership Team, Parlor
 5:00 pm  Fellowship Supper 
 5:00 pm  Preschool/Children's Choirs
 5:00 pm  Youth Handbells
 6:00 pm  Brass Ensemble
 6:00 pm  Steele Ringers
 6:00 pm  Youth XChange
 6:10 pm  Preschool/Children's Missions
 6:10 pm  Prayer Meeting
 7:00 pm  Passport Campers/Parents Mtg
 7:00 pm  Chancel Choir
 8:00 pm  CN  B.A.S.I.C.
 8:30 pm  Contemporary Ensemble Practice

Thursday, April 24
  9:00 am Children's Day Out
10:00 am Hands of Fellowship Room 301
12:00 pm CDO Teacher Appreciation Lunch
Friday, April 25
  6:00 pm  McDaniel/Engle Rehearsal

Saturday, April 26
  4:00 pm  McDaniel/Engle Wedding
  6:30 pm  Korean Bible Study,  Room 214

 Sunday, April 27
  8:30 am  Contemporary Worship Service
  9:30 am  Sunday Bible Study
10:45 am  Traditional Worship Service
  5:30 pm  Celebration Singers
  6:30 pm  Church Ministries Night

 DEACONS OF THE WEEK - April 27-May 3
 Melba Lambert and Doris Sharp


Come splash in the love of God with us,


like children playing in lakes and pools.


Be refreshed by the Spirit, today and always!!



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